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Medtronic CY Q1 '20 (FY Q4 '20) Earnings Update

Here is a brief preview of this blast: Medtronic hosted its CY Q1 '20 (FY Q4 '20) earnings call and briefly discussed its diabetes business. Of note, Medtronic disclosed plans to launch a BLE-enabled 770G pump platform with remote updating functionality in the US ahead of the advanced hybrid closed-loop (AHCL) algorithm approval. Additionally, Medtronic will be presenting two AHCL data sets at the upcoming virtual ADA conference (June 12-16). Below, FENIX provides highlights and insights from the call.

About The Author

Matthew Maryniak

President of Fenix Group International
Matthew has been a thought leader in the high-growth therapeutic areas of diabetes and cardiovascular medicine since 2006, making regular attendance at large and small CV/met scientific meetings and an architect of novel methods for assessing market opportunities. He has over a decade of experience in leading CV/met consulting engagements, is a published author in PM360 and Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, and has been quoted in The Pink Sheet on anti-thrombotics.