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FDA Adcom Strongly Votes Against OCA NASH Approval (2-12-2)

Today, FDA held a Gastrointestinal Drugs Advisory Committee (GIDAC) meeting to discuss the use of Intercept’s obeticholic acid (OCA) for the treatment of pre-cirrhotic liver fibrosis due to NASH, and panelists voted overwhelmingly against (2-12) the OCA benefit/risk profile with two abstentions. The second voting question was consistent whereby the panel voted (15-1) to defer an approval decision until the full REGENERATE (view CT.gov record) data are available. For context, in January 2023, FDA accepted the NDA resubmission for OCA seeking accelerated approval as a Class 2 resubmission and assigned a PDUFA date of June 22, 2023 (previous FENIX insight). Of note, Intercept has halted stock trading today due to the adcom (view press release). Below, FENIX provides key commentary from the adcom panel as well as insight on the future of the asset.

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