Kite Acquires Rights to Certain Teneobio Antibodies for Multiple Myeloma CAR-T Therapies (including BCMA)

On Thursday April 2, Kite (a Gilead company) announced that it had entered into a license and collaboration agreement with Teneobio, granting Kite exclusive rights to specific antibodies targeting BCMA in multiple myeloma. Kite’s decision to re-enter the BCMA space follows Gilead’s discontinuation of its own BCMA CAR-T, KITE-585, in late 2018. Below, FENIX provides key takeaways and analysis from this new agreement, particularly in the context of Teneobio collaborations with other key players in the BCMA space: AbbVie and Poseida Therapeutics (who also has the backing of Novartis).

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