New Semaglutide Retinopathy Study Called FOCUS

A new study evaluating the effect of semaglutide on retinopathy in T2DM, called “FOCUS,” has been posted on CT.gov. Recall, data from Novo’s SUSTAIN 6 study showed an imbalance in retinopathy with a 1.76 hazard ratio (50 events with sema vs. 29 with placebo) which resulted in a label warning. Below, FENIX provides details from the study as well as thoughts on how Novo will leverage the data.

About The Author

Matthew Maryniak

President of Fenix Group International

Matthew has been a thought leader in the high-growth therapeutic areas of diabetes and cardiovascular medicine since 2006, making regular attendance at large and small CV/met scientific meetings and an architect of novel methods for assessing market opportunities. He has over a decade of experience in leading CV/met consulting engagements, is a published author in PM360 and Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, and has been quoted in The Pink Sheet on anti-thrombotics.

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