CGM: Novel Non-invasive Platform Similar To Libre CGM Data

Today, Know Labs, a diagnostic solutions company evaluating the use of its Bio-RFID platform with non-invasive UBANDTM wearable (Fitbit like device) announced laboratory comparison test results of UBAND vs. Abbott FreeStyle Libre. Of note, the results demonstrated ~90% correlation to the Libre CGM data. The company previously announced the laboratory comparison test results of UBAND vs. Dexcom G5. Below, FENIX provides thoughts on non-invasive option for CGM.

About The Author

Matthew Maryniak

President of Fenix Group International

Matthew has been a thought leader in the high-growth therapeutic areas of diabetes and cardiovascular medicine since 2006, making regular attendance at large and small CV/met scientific meetings and an architect of novel methods for assessing market opportunities. He has over a decade of experience in leading CV/met consulting engagements, is a published author in PM360 and Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, and has been quoted in The Pink Sheet on anti-thrombotics.

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